With all the hype that is surrounding the launch of the Apple iPad – the big question for website owners must be "Will my website work on the Apple iPad?".

If the iPad gets the same massive uptake by Apple fans and the public – there could be a lot people surfing the web using their iPads. If your site doesn’t display properly on the iPad you could miss out on customers.

What is the screen resolution of the Apple iPad?

1024 x 768 is the current iPad screen resolution.

If you site was designed for widescreen monitors (6:9) you will need to check how your website looks in the old 1024×768 size (most old CRT monitors were this size). You can check by changing the your monitor display size and surf your own website to look for problems.

Does the Apple iPad support flash? 

No. Just like the iPhone and touch iPods flash does not run on the Apple iPad. Website designers will need to take this into consideration.

More things missing from the iPad

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