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Optimising SQL Server 2005 TempDB

Microsoft’s whitepaper on Optimising TempDB in SQL Server 2005 contains a lot of useful information for anyone trying to push the performance of SQL Server 2005. Along with the internal improvements to tempdb, there are a number of things a database administrator should do as part of any installation: Increase the number of data files […]

SQL Server 2005 List all IDENTITY columns

Here is a simple bit of T-SQL that will display the names of all the IDENTITY columns in a database: SELECT SCHEMA_NAME( OBJECTPROPERTY( OBJECT_ID, ‘SCHEMAID’ )) AS SCHEMA_NAME,      nbsp; OBJECT_NAME( OBJECT_ID ) AS TABLE_NAME,       NAME AS COLUMN_NAME FROM  SYS.COLUMNS WHERE COLUMNPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID, NAME, ‘IsIdentity’) = 1

PromptSQL Intellisense for SQL Server user and system objects

PromptSQL Intellisense for SQL Server user and system objects

I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this, but someone has finally built an Intellisense tool for SQL Server Management Studio & Query Analyzer. If you’ve been using Visual Studio.Net 2003 or 2005, you’ll know how useful Intellisense is in other programming languages (it’s like auto-complete in Word). I don’t know why it’s […]


COLLATE Keyword used to define string collation used for a database, column or server. Can also be used to cast the collation of a column or variable when used in a t-sql expression. SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 allow you to use Windows Collation Names or SQL Collation Names. To see a list […]