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Get free technical eBooks on SQL Server 2017 from Microsoft

Build your Microsoft SQL Server expertise with technical deep dives for your database journey. Free PDF eBooks from Microsoft SQL Server eBook series Get the technical resources and documentation you need to explore SQL Server 2017 – a comprehensive, mission-critical database for demanding workloads. With this series of technical eBooks on SQL Server, you’ll learn […]

Limitations of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

The free version of SQL Server 2005 is the “Express” edition. Its a cut down version of SQL Server 2005 and is ideal as an upgrade from Access, for desktop use or small multi-user databases. Its not designed for large scale production use, and comes with a number of limitations. The most notable limitations are: […]

Using Expressions with SSIS Maintenance Tasks and SelectedDatabases

Using Expressions with SSIS Maintenance Tasks and SelectedDatabases

Its been noted by a few people that Expressions cannot be used to configure the Shrink Database Task at runtime. The problem is that the SelectedDatabases property is a collection which cannot be created by an expression. The same problem occurs in most of the Maintenance Task items of SSIS. Maintenance Plan Task components are […]

Sydney SQL Server Users Group – Mon 6th Nov 2006

SQL Server (Sydney) Users Group meeting has been moved to Monday 6th November 2006 when Richard Lees will present “OLAP, what is it good for?” Richard will show the insides (and outsides) of an OLAP cube created to assist in monitoring and managing a 6 node Oracle RAC database that sustains 600 transactions per second […]

No!!! Undo, Undo, Undo!!

Or rather, why is there no “undo” in when working with Integration Services packages? This has been something that has me puzzled me since working with Beta 2 of Integration Services. I guess I figured it would be fixed by RTM, and just worked around the issue by regularly checking in finalised changes, and saving […]

SSIS Lookup with value range

SSIS Lookup with value range

Joe Salvatore called out for help on an interesting use of the SSIS Lookup component: Can you lookup a row using a value within a range? Joe specified his criteria as: DataStagingSource.ModifyDate < DataWarehouseDimension.RowExpiredDate AND DataStagingSource.ModifyDate >= DataWarehouseDimension.RowEffectiveDate AND DataStagingSource.NaturalKey = DataWarehouseDimension.NaturalKey Easy! To show how it is done I’ve created a test database “SCRATCH” […]