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Suppressing Warnings in Data Dude

Suppressing Warnings in Data Dude

I’ve been working on migrating existing SQL Server database projects into Visual Studio for Database Professional projects. Most of the existing databases have imported without major problems, but there are a few that have warnings about cross-database joins in old unit tests. TSD3025: The following cross-database dependencies could not be verified: … Your database application […]

The Five Easy Steps of Unit Testing for Database Professionals

Now that Microsoft have released Visual Studio Team Suite for Database Professionals (aka [story:datadude]) its time for SQL Server developers and dbas to learn more about Unit Testing. There is many different methods to test a database within the framework set by Visual Studio. So how do you know which way is best? Well one […]

Data Dude

Data Dude The simplest way to say “Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Edition for Database Professionals”. A suite of tools built by Microsoft for designing, deploying and testing SQL Server databases within the Visual Studio IDE. Visit the Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals A.K.A. DataDude website.

Limitations of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

The free version of SQL Server 2005 is the “Express” edition. Its a cut down version of SQL Server 2005 and is ideal as an upgrade from Access, for desktop use or small multi-user databases. Its not designed for large scale production use, and comes with a number of limitations. The most notable limitations are: […]

SQL Server 2005 New Feature: Scalable Shared Databases

SQL Server 2005 New Feature: Scalable Shared Databases

Microsoft have released details of a new feature available in SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition: Scalable Shared Databases. What is it? A read-only database stored on a SAN than can be attached to multiple SQL Server instances. It will allow you to have multiple instances of SQL Server host the same database, with the same […]

Davide Mauri’s SQL Server 2005 Index Usage and Health Scripts

Davide Mauri has published a number of SQL Server 2005 scripts he uses as part of his DBA toolkit to analyse indexes including their usage and health. They’re a great short cut to building your own after wading through BOL. So far there are four UDFs he’s published that show the indexes on a table, […]

Capturing STDERR output from SQLCMD.exe

Today while working with a .bat file full of SQLCMDs with really verbose output, I wanted just to capture error messages that were being sent to STDERR without changing the .sql files. I know how to capture/redirect handles in a variety of programming languages, but I haven’t tried to do this in a windows command […]