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Get free technical eBooks on SQL Server 2017 from Microsoft

Build your Microsoft SQL Server expertise with technical deep dives for your database journey. Free PDF eBooks from Microsoft SQL Server eBook series Get the technical resources and documentation you need to explore SQL Server 2017 – a comprehensive, mission-critical database for demanding workloads. With this series of technical eBooks on SQL Server, you’ll learn […]

ANSWER: UPDATE failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: ‘ANSI_NULLS, QUOTED_IDENTIFIER’

I came across an interesting problem last night – a stored procedure that had been created years ago was suddenly coming up with this error message: UPDATE failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: ‘ANSI_NULLS, QUOTED_IDENTIFIER’. Verify that SET options are correct for use with indexed views and/or indexes on computed columns and/or […]

Answer: How do you create a byte with the value of 00000001 in SQL Server?

My team mate Pi asked me today: how do you create a byte with the value 00000001 in SQL Server? The answer is to create an integer representation of the byte’s value, and cast it to binary. SELECT CAST(CAST(1 AS TINYINT) AS BINARY(1)) The output in Management Studio is: 0x01 (Management Studio outputs binary fields […]

How to Connect to a SQL Server Compact Edition Database with Management Studio

How to Connect to a SQL Server Compact Edition Database with Management Studio

Open a new connection by choosing File menu -> Connect Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio. Change the Server Type to SQL Server Compact Edition. For Database file: put the full path to an existing SQL Server Compact Edition .sdf file; click the drop-down button, and select New Database or Browse to locate a […]

What with this database called [$(DatabaseName)] ?

What with this database called [$(DatabaseName)] ?

I just handed a work mate an output script from DataDude, which he ran in Management Studio. Instead of producing the expected database he ended up with one called $(DatabaseName) Remember database pro uses SQLCMD to deploy databases If you use Management Studio to run an output script, you’ll need to swap into SQLCMD mode […]

Limitations of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

The free version of SQL Server 2005 is the “Express” edition. Its a cut down version of SQL Server 2005 and is ideal as an upgrade from Access, for desktop use or small multi-user databases. Its not designed for large scale production use, and comes with a number of limitations. The most notable limitations are: […]

Table Column Info or Sample Rows with a Single Key Press

Irena Kennedy has a neat trick for SQL Server Management Studio to quickly display some rows from a table, or get the metadata on columns of a table: a keyboard shortcut that is fast and works in any database. Has anyone else created similar keyboard shortcuts like this? Leave your comment here.

Error: SQL Server Replication Requires The Actual Server Name

If while trying to setup a new subscription for SQL Server 2005 Replication using Management Studio you receive this error: TITLE: New Subscription Wizard —————————— Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is unable to access replication components because replication is not installed on this instance of SQL Server. For information about installing replication, see the topic […]

How to fix @@SERVERNAME in SQL Server 2005

It seems to happen from time to time: your network engineers decide on a new network topology or naming scheme and they want to rename one or more of your SQL Server machines or worse your desktop machine! Renaming a SQL Server instance is not as simple as renaming the computer in My Computer Properties. […]