For those of us useing the SQL Server Health and History Tool (a.k.a. SQLH2) version 2.026 was released on 19 May 2005.

A free download from Microsoft, the SQL Server Health and History Tool (SQLH2) collects information about your SQL Server installations. Details about which services/features are installed; configuration of the machine, OS and SQL Server; database size and objects; and additionally it can track Perfomance Counters.

Pre-built reports for Reporting Services are also available. Making it easy to view your existing configuration, and if you setup SQLH2 to collect information regularly, you will have a history of changes.

This new version, also has better documentation of the SQLH2 database, so you can build your own reports. Search for “”

If you’re not already using this tool to monitor the history of your SQL Server installations, I’d seriously recommend checking it out. Run it once a day (or more if you collect a lot of performance data) for a month, and check out the tracking it can show.

The performance stats can take a little space (use the SQL Datasizer Tool to predict how much space will be needed) but I’m sure an Analysis Cube would suffice for long term tracking.