Installing the SQL Server 2005 BOL help requires the .Net 2.0 Beta Framework, which you might not wish to install yet. In my case, I have a virtual machine with a full 2005 install, but on my physical machine, I often need to refer to 2005 BOL. If you used to refering to the MSDN website for SQL Server 2000’s Books Online (BOL) for help, you’ll have probably noticed that the BOL for SQL Server 2005 isn’t available there yet.

The reason is that Microsoft are planning to launch a new MSDN website along with Visual Studio 2005 (around the same time SQL Server 2005 is launched). In the meantime the new MSDN website, dubbed MSDN2, is available online in its beta form. It’s a bit buggy at times, but is supposed to provide better access than the current MSDN when it is launced.

SQL Server 2005’s BOL is available on the new site, along with Visual Studio 2005 help. Take a look and remember to give feedback on any bugs you find so they can be fixed in time.