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Searching SQL Stored Procedure Source Code in Information_Schema.Routines

— Here’s a little line of code I use a lot to find out what SQL stored  procedures / functions use a particular table SELECT * FROM   information_schema.routines WHERE  routine_definition LIKE ‘%GetThemeColours%’ –&nnbsp;INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES is similar to sys.routines but  has all the text names instead of objectid’s  with the added bonus the full  stored procedure text is searchable (its in ROUTINE_DEFINITION column) – its like  a super powered sp_helptext — Also check out these helpful views: — View all the columns in tables + views with full table/view name SELECT * FROM   information_schema.columns — stored procedure / function parameters SELECT * FROM   information_schema.parameters — output columns for table valued functions (NOT stored procedures) SELECT * FROM   information_schema.routine_columns — list of tables SELECT * FROM   information_schema.tables — list of views SELECT * FROM   information_schema.tables    — 195cac785d844883be7a61f2b54189c6

Monitor Calibration for Better Colors

If you are a website designer or graphic artist, its important your monitor is calibrated to ensure the colors you are using will display and print the same for other people. Most monitors include an “auto-adjust” feature, but this isn’t enough. Most website designers and graphic designers will use special hardware that will calibrate a […]

iPad (TM) a no no?

With the release of the iPad, there’s been a lot of chatter about the iPad name, so it got me wondering – Who had the iPad name first? A search of the Internet Archive for ipad shows the earliest mention of "IPAD" was in an audio track and webpage from 2nd of April 1994 when […]

Will your website work with the Apple iPad ?

With all the hype that is surrounding the launch of the Apple iPad – the big question for website owners must be "Will my website work on the Apple iPad?". If the iPad gets the same massive uptake by Apple fans and the public – there could be a lot people surfing the web using […]