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Joseph Sack’s Article: Seven SHOWPLAN Red Flags

Joseph Sack over at SQL Server Centralhas written a short article on query optimisation using Query Analyzer’s graphical Show Plan. Certainly an under used resource, show plan can actually give you insight to how SQL Server intends to / did run your query, and where high i/o or cpu taxing tasks are undertaken. Joseph’s article […]

SQL Server 2005 Database Snapshots

This is a really neat addition to SQL Server 2005. Database Snapshots are essentially a read-only, static view of an existing database, without duplicating all the data on disk. I use this feature a lot when I upgrade database schemas, or make major changes to data, and need to be able to compare the changes […]

Q&A: Can you BCP out a #Temporary table?

Q: If I create a temporary table with: SELECT OrderID,OrderDate,Total INTO #TempOrders FROM Invoices Can I then BCP the data into a file with ?: … SET @cmd = ‘bcp “#TempOrders” out “C:TempOrders.txt” -T EXEC xp_cmdshell ‘bcp ‘ + A: No. Because BCP will create a new connection, it will not be able to see […]

Free Online Training for SQL Server 2005 from Microsoft

As part of Microsoft’s push to improve dba/developer knowledge and uptake of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft have released free training for SQL Server 2005 available online until 1st November 2006. There’s currently seven free courses covering installation, administration, programming and other features of SQL Server 2005. Included in each course are hands-on virtual labs, and […]

SQL Server 2005 June CTP Released

Today sees Microsoft release the June Community Technology Preview (CTP) of SQL Server 2005. It’s a public preview and can be downloaded by anyone (you don’t need a MSDN subscription for this one) By the same note, Microsoft also announced at Tech.Ed that they will be shipping SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 in […]