Or rather, why is there no “undo” in when working with Integration Services packages?

This has been something that has me puzzled me since working with Beta 2 of Integration Services. I guess I figured it would be fixed by RTM, and just worked around the issue by regularly checking in finalised changes, and saving only when I’m sure of a changes I’ve made.

But it hardly seems logical that while Business Intelligence studio is built on the Visual Studio IDE, that undo doesn’t work. Even simple undos such as undoing changes to Annotation Textboxes, or undoing layout changes of diagrams in Control / Data Flows. Gah! I meant to double click on that task, not move it! Undo! Please?

Under the covers, SSIS Packages are saved as XML files. So why is it Business Intelligence Studio cannot simply keep a history of delta changes to that xml document? Even if its too difficult to undo the delta changes between versions, it should be simple enough to refresh (or open) from the change history and reset the working environment.

In the meantime though, I guess I’ll just have to keep using the “undo checkout” feature of SourceSafe.

If you want to vote on having “undo”, or other changes included in the tools for the next version of SQL Server, have a look at the MSDN Product Feedback Centre for SQL Server.