If you are a website designer or graphic artist, its important your monitor is calibrated to ensure the colors you are using will display and print the same for other people. Most monitors include an “auto-adjust” feature, but this isn’t enough.

Most website designers and graphic designers will use special hardware that will calibrate a monitor automatically – making sure that colors and pictures match perfectly.

If you can’t afford the hardward monitor calibrators, there are some great websites that offer monitor calibration tests that you can use to manually calibrate your monitor.

One of the best test pages I’ve found is the Lagom LCD monitor test pages. There are a variety of test images for gamma, contrast, saturation as well as other features. And they’ve optimised their test images for LCD monitors, which differ to CRT monitors.

So take the time to calibrate your monitor – you’ll be surprised how much better photos and most websites appear when you calibration is correct.

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