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What I'm Reading 18 April 2007

What I\'m Reading

International Considerations for Database and Database Engine Applications

Strategies for Partitioning Relation Data Warehouses in SQL Server

Physical Database Storage Design

International Considerations for Notification Services

How MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail scales with SQL Server 2005

Scaling out SQL Server 2005

Database Mirroring FAQ

Database Mirroring

SQL Server 2005 Mission Critical High Availability

SQL Server 2005 High Availability

SQL Server 2005 Failover Clustering White Paper

Achieving Massive Scalability with SQL Server


SQL Server 2005 Clustering Best Practices

What I'm Reading 28 Nov 2006

What I\'m Reading

Its been a busy few weeks for me and I haven't had as much time to catch up on my reading as I'd have liked. This is the list of things that I have been / trying to read.

  • Software Development at Microsoft Observed
    Microsoft Research paper on developers’ typical tools and work habits and their level of satisfaction with them. "The most notable take-away from the data is that developers go to great lengths to create and maintain rich mental models of code and don’t rely on external representations."
  • Wild[card] thing, You make my CHAR sing
    Michael Kaplan shows some unexpected behaviour of wildcards with the LIKE predicate. If you work with multilingual data I'd highly recommend reading this.
  • Physical Database Storage Design
    Microsoft TechNet article on physical storage design for database admins on configuring SQL Server 2005 for optimal I/O performance and space utilization.
  • What do I need to know about SQL Server database engine I/O?
    Bob Dorr of the SQL Escalation Services team has written two whitepapers on the I/O system requirements of SQL Server 2000. There's also an extensive list of links to further articles about SQL Server I/O.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition under ASP.net and IIS
    By default you cannot use SQL Server Compact Edition with ASP.Net / IIS. This page explains the reason for this and the override setting to allow using SQLce with ASP.Net.
  • SQL Server Hosting Toolkit
    If you publish you databases to a ISP / externally hosted SQL Server, this new tool may be very handy.

Its always good to keep up-to-date and revise best practices recommendations from vendors. Here's my current review list:

As I previously mentioned the SQLIOSim Tool Released earlier this year. It was a rewrite of SQLIOStress as Bob Dorr explains it.

What I'm Reading 19 July 2006

What I\'m Reading

Google Reader

What I\'m Reading

I read a lot of blogs everyday. Not every article, but I like to at least skim the headlines and read the ones that really interest me. There's a lot of interesting things to be learnt by reading outside your immediate field of work too. Anyway, Its hard to check up on ~200 blogs every day, so I started using Google Reader which is a web based RSS reader. I've never really like the idea of installing yet another piece of software, so Google Reader is just perfect. And I can read from home or work, know what I've seen and what I've flagged for re-reading etc. Theres an excellent tutorial available here.

Google Reader even allows you to share your streams. So here is an Atom feed of the main stream feeds I read from everyday. Add it to your RSS reader and see if you get any additional benefit from it!

Update (12 Oct 2006) - Google have added a page similar to FeedBurner where you can view same feeds I read daily as a webpage. They've also added a page of blog entries I'd highly recommend reading.

What I'm Reading - 10 Jan 2006

What I\'m Reading

A quick list of things I am / have been reading in the last week.

If you're about to define standards for your SSIS packages, here's a few articles that might help: