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Beta Testers Wanted CFA Bushfire Warnings and NSW Police Alerts

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Now we need your help in fine tuning our bushfire warnings. We are in the process of adding CFA Bushfire Warnings and NSW Police Alerts to EWN. We will be adding other states soon after.

We are working hard on this now and want to get it right the first time. These alerts could help save lives in a fire or police emergency.

EWN are asking for your assistance in testing our bushfire alerts system. We need your valuable input and comments so we know we are getting things right.

Working Remotely: Disable Effects for a Better Working Experience

General News Working from home using a remote desktop has turned out to be surprisingly responsive. There's little to no lag, and I can still do most things (except use some windows shortcuts).

My current gripe is that Menus take a while to display because of fancy fade-ins and smooth expansion. It all looks nice when you are sitting in front of a PC, but remotely, it just uses more bandwith and wastes time.

So when you start working remotely, save yourself sometime and turn off Window's lovely effects, and go for a responsive connection: disable the effects.

Julian!? Where are you?

General News Well I've definitely been "missing" on my blog lately. Between work commitments, a long daily commute, and personal projects, I've had no time to post much content on my website.

As of last week, I started working some days remotely; from home. Its been quiet a good change, and now that I have less distractions: I get a lot more work done. I've be able to finish off a lot of interrupted tasks. Get my head around how to organise and structure my day when working from home. I'm more focused, planned, and driven. I'm delivering more results each day, and as a result having more time for taking on more responsibilities comfortably.

But working remotely isn't all about work. Its also about re-gaining some of your personal time. I was spending about 10-15 hours per week travelling to work in my car. I planned my travel to try and avoid peak hour traffic, but where my employer is situated there are no direct travel routes. Public transport (commuter train & bus or bus & ferry & bus or bus & bus & bus & bus) would have seen me spending twice as long driving each day. My car has an awesome stereo, so the drive is not too stressful most days.

Ah! Again! Talking about work and the commute! See how I never got time for myself?

So now that I'm actually getting a few days a week working from home, I have time to get more things done. I'm not as tired. My energy level has sky rocketed. And my relationship has definately benefited. I've got time to persue more study, more personal projects, art, catch up with friends, and get back to writing useful tips for other SQL Server users.

Work has also benefitted. I've started to take an interest in managing myself more and co-ordinating my work with others better. Whilst working from home is ultimately a selfish want, it is definately improving my team skills.

So over the next coming weeks, expect a lot more from me. I'll be posting regularly on SQL Server 2005, including scalability with Service Broker and Notfication Services, Management Studio, and Visual Studio for Database Professionals especially Unit Tests.

So if you have any lagging questions or a SQL problem you'd like some tips for, send me an email sqlquestiokuiters.id.au

Excitedly home,

C# Defines Infinity ?

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Wow! I though C# was a neat programming language that solved many problems; apparently they've also solved the age old question: How big is infinity?

Maybe I need to use Convert.ToBigInfinity() ?

Tristate What!?

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It might be friday and maybe its my fault for writing a quick fix in vbscript but still ... how many tristates can I choose from ?

Its not quite old school...

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I was helping my family move last weekend and came across a lot of things from when I was a child. After having a really tough 2006 and promising myself a very happy 2007, I though this bit of arts and craft really reminded me to have fun, smile, keep things simple, and not worry too much about things.

I hope it brings a bit of a smile to your day too.


Rss Feed Logo #1

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I thought maybe having a logo appear in my rss feed might be cool. Here's the first design I came up with. Please feel free to comment on it and let me know what you think.

Julian Kuiters RSS Feed Logo #1