1. Start in the package Control Flow, with no object
    selected (Press ESC in the main window).
  2. Right click the background in the package, and select

  3. Add a variable called LoopIteration with the Int32
    data type in the package.
  4. Add a For Loop Container to the package

  5. Edit the For Loop Container by double-clicking it, or
    right-clicking it and choosing Edit.
  6. Set the InitExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]=0
  7. Set the EvalExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]<5
    where 5 would is the number of loops you want to run.
  8. Set the AssignExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]=@[User::LoopIteration]+1
  9. Your settings should now look like this:

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