After receiving so much comment/trackback spam recently, I decided to make some changes to my site.
Asides from the unrelated and often very undesirable content of the spam,
textual urls were being turned into hyperlinks by Geeklog. I’d already removed
the tag from the list of permitted html (configurable through $_CONF[‘user_html’]).
So I headed off to the config.php file to find the setting the was auto creating

Eventually I tracked down the following setting:

// disables autolinks if set to 1
$_CONF[‘disable_autolinks’] = 0; // 0 = autolinks enabled

Ah easy! I’ll change that to a 1 and all will be well.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that this setting doesn’t control the magical conversion of
http://ww… into http://ww..
It controls the conversion of [story:], [link:], [event:]
and [staticpage:] tags; tags that do article linking. Very useful tags.

I’ve turned this feature back on (by turning the disable option off. Go
double negatives!). Any weird linking text should be back to normal now.

Sometimes I really wish there was more inline documentation in the config.php