I don’t have an RSS Aggregate program. I don’t think I need one. There are just so many blogs that I pass over in a week, and most of them don’t update more than that (this one included at times).

I’m also a bit of a devourer of information. New anything is interesting to read, and helps keep my mind open, and thinking. Its strange, but often from reading unrelated topics I find the answer to a problem.

So what has this all got to do with Google? Well Google has had for some time now “Personalisation”, where you can change the google homepage to include any RSS feed you like. Then when ever you are going to search with your favourite search engine, you’ll also know if there’s been any updates to the feeds.

There are a number of feeds from the most popular websites enabled by default. Things like BBC News, Slashdot, CNET News and Wired can be enabled at the click of a button. Any other RSS feeds you care to add can be put on your personalised home page as well, just by clicking the “Add Content” button at the top left of the page.

As always, google have strived to keep it simple, and useful. You can re-organise your feeds, just by dragging and dropping them on the page. Increasing or decreasing the number of displayed titles is also a simple task.

Getting started with your own personalised page is simple, goto http://www.google.com/ig and signup. You don’t need a G-Mail account, any email address will do.

If you thought that wasn’t enough, Google can also track you Search History for you. Now this is really useful to me. When looking for an answer, I might search on half a dozen different sets of keywords. Search History allows me to go back and search for the same thing a couple of days or months later. So helpful when you want to find articles for a subject you were doing a few weeks ago.

Oh and by the way, Happy 7th Birthday Google! And thanks for all the features!

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