Build your Microsoft SQL Server expertise with technical deep dives for your database journey.

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SQL Server eBook series

Get the technical resources and documentation you need to explore SQL Server 2017 – a comprehensive, mission-critical database for demanding workloads. With this series of technical eBooks on SQL Server, you’ll learn to:

  • Improve scalability, performance and security for mission-critical, intelligent apps and data warehouses with SQL Server 2017.
  • Support all stages of your database journey – from discovery and research to implementation and maintenance – with technical resources to speed your learning.
  • Reduce overhead and increase collaboration for your IT team by consolidating your database and dev tools to your Linux platform.
  • Develop high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies to maintain business continuity and minimise unplanned downtime and data outages.

In-depth technical resources for database administrators and IT professionals.

• Book 1 – Improving Performance with Faster Querying

• Book 2 – Delivering Business Continuity with the Right Database

• Book 3 – SQL Server on Linux: A Re-platforming Guide