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Suppressing Warnings in Data Dude

Suppressing Warnings in Data Dude

I’ve been working on migrating existing SQL Server database projects into Visual Studio for Database Professional projects. Most of the existing databases have imported without major problems, but there are a few that have warnings about cross-database joins in old unit tests. TSD3025: The following cross-database dependencies could not be verified: … Your database application […]

Tip: Use Named Parameters with Stored Procedures when Unit Testing (VSTS Database Professionals)

I’ve been migrating unit tests to a new Visual Studio Database Professionals project. So far there’s been no problems (other than trying to find a naming standard). This problem had me scratching my head for a few minutes today. I defined a unit test for a stored procedure as: DECLARE @ItemCode varchar(32), @PriceLevel varchar(32) SELECT […]

Wait Data Professionals! Don’t Test Your Database!

Michael Hunter (a.k.a The Braidy Tester) has posted another useful article posing the question: "Do you even need to test your product?" After covering [story:vstsdbpro-five-point-testing] its interesting to see some expanded ideas on why you might choose not to test an application. Some of these things are obvious. But with an over-eager developer/tester on the […]

Seeking Help: Sachin Rekhi’s Database Unit Testing Whitepaper Draft

Sachin has just published a draft whitepaper on database unit testing using Team Edition for Database Professionals. The whitepaper includes details steps on creating your first unit test; automatic test generation; the standard test conditions available; and even delves briefly into the C#/VB.Net code used by the testing framework. I highly recommend users of Database […]

“Team Suite” Required to Install Database Professionals Trial

There has been a lot of discussion in the forums about which track of Visual Studio is required for the new Database Professionals (Data Dude) Trial to install. Database Professionals TRIAL requires Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite to be installed. A Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals will be available as a standalone product […]

ITS HERE!: Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Data Dude) RTM Available now in MSDN Downloads

MSDN Downloads updated this morning with the release of Database Professional aka “Data Dude”. Download the 20MB trial from here which is really a full version if you have a full license of Team Suite already installed. The development manager explains the difference between the full DVD download and the trial: The full product download […]