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SQL Server 2005 Login Error 18452

SQL Server 2005 Login Error 18452

If you are trying to connect to SQL Server 2005 with a SQL Server User Login and receive this error: Login failed for user ‘RptSvcUser’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452) Remember to check that the servers authentication is set to "SQL Server and Windows […]

Connection String Quick Reference

Often When programming with different data sources, I need to manually build connection strings. With each provider having slightly different syntax, its impossible to remember them all. Rather than hunt through documentation each time I use this website: They have a good list of the most common connection strings with examples for SQL Server […]

Granting SQL Server 2005 Profiler Access

If you were a DBA of SQL Server 2000, you’d be familiar with the frustration that encouraging developers to use SQL Profiler as part of performance testing meant you needed to grant the sysadmin privilages. Security best practises mean you should only grant users the minimum permissions needed, and certainly not everyone should be trusted […]

SQL Server 2005 @ Tech Ed 2006 Webcasts

As part of Tech Ed 2006, Microsoft has a number of live webcasts on SQL Server 2005, including Encryption, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Integration Services. Check out the full list of live webcasts. If you’ve missed earlier webcasts, some of them are appearing as On-Demand Webcasts that you can watch at your leisure. You […]