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Capturing STDERR output from SQLCMD.exe

Today while working with a .bat file full of SQLCMDs with really verbose output, I wanted just to capture error messages that were being sent to STDERR without changing the .sql files. I know how to capture/redirect handles in a variety of programming languages, but I haven’t tried to do this in a windows command […]

“SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition” Now Called “SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition”

Ahead of the final release in December 2006, Microsoft have released SQL Server Compact Edition RC1. SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is a very lightweight, in process relational database engine for use in desktop applications and mobile devices. It has an extremely small footprint (~3MB) and minimal overhead. It won’t use any where near as […]

Architecting Service Broker Applications

Microsoft have released a whitepaper on Architecting SQL Server 2005 Service Broker Applications. The whitepaper focuses on when its appropriate to use Service Broker, design aspects for message flow and processing, availability, and infrastructure. I think its an excellent view of Service Broker implementation from a medium-high level, with discussion of the methods used, without […]

Count the Occurrence of a Phrase or Word in a Column (SQL Server 2005)

Simple little bit of code that will show you the number of times the value of @PhraseOrWordToCount is found in TextColumn. SELECT (LEN(TextColumn) – LEN(REPLACE(TextColumn, @PhraseOrWordToCount, ”)) / LEN(@PhraseOrWordToCount)) AS Occurrence FROM dbo.MyTable I noticed this on Simon Sabin’s blog, I think it has more applications than just FullText searches so I thought I’d do […]

Team Foundation Server High Availability with SQL Server 2005 Mirroring

As Team Foundation Server (TFS) becomes the source code repository for more and more teams, SQL Server DBAs are ultimately responsible for the backup and availability of these databases. Sudhir Hasbe the Program Manager for Team Foundation Server has noted that SQL Server 2005 Mirroring will provide a warm standby but TFS will not automatically […]