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Limitations of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

The free version of SQL Server 2005 is the “Express” edition. Its a cut down version of SQL Server 2005 and is ideal as an upgrade from Access, for desktop use or small multi-user databases. Its not designed for large scale production use, and comes with a number of limitations. The most notable limitations are: […]

Capturing STDERR output from SQLCMD.exe

Today while working with a .bat file full of SQLCMDs with really verbose output, I wanted just to capture error messages that were being sent to STDERR without changing the .sql files. I know how to capture/redirect handles in a variety of programming languages, but I haven’t tried to do this in a windows command […]

Architecting Service Broker Applications

Microsoft have released a whitepaper on Architecting SQL Server 2005 Service Broker Applications. The whitepaper focuses on when its appropriate to use Service Broker, design aspects for message flow and processing, availability, and infrastructure. I think its an excellent view of Service Broker implementation from a medium-high level, with discussion of the methods used, without […]

SQLIOSim Tool Released

Microsoft have released their SQLIOSim Tool for stress testing IO subsystems. Different from the SQLIO tool which is tests IO throughput. The tool is designed to simulate the effects SQL Server would have on disk subsystems. It includes options for testing multiple files; random OLTP style queries; read aheads; bulk inserts; checkpoints; rollbacks; backup; sort; […]

Moving a TFS V1.0 Sharepoint Site

Continuing on with [story:sqlserver2005-mirroring-tfs]. If you needed to make changes to your TFS Sharepoint deployment, v1.0 options are very limited. Microsoft do have a TechNote on configuring TFS to use a Remote SharePointServer. The good news is that the next version should have a lot more configuration options.