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Answer: How do you create a byte with the value of 00000001 in SQL Server?

My team mate Pi asked me today: how do you create a byte with the value 00000001 in SQL Server? The answer is to create an integer representation of the byte’s value, and cast it to binary. SELECT CAST(CAST(1 AS TINYINT) AS BINARY(1)) The output in Management Studio is: 0x01 (Management Studio outputs binary fields […]

Hey Yo! SQLCMD may truncate your XML!

While trying to use SQLCMD to produce an app.config file, I encountered problems with the output being truncated. The script was similar to: DECLARE @appconfig XML SET @appconfig = ‘<configuration></configuration>’ … Insert configuration nodes — Output the config SELECT @appconfig as ApplicationConfiguration The default options for SQLCMD produced output like: ApplicationConfiguration ————————- <configuration><connecti (the value […]

SQL Server 2005 – Service Pack 2a (SP2a) Update

Downloaded and installed Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2005? Well here’s a reason to download and apply it again. A few days after releasing Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2005, Microsoft has re-released it with an additional fix for maintenance plans. If you have already applied SP2, you will need to apply this […]

Shrinking Databases bit-by-bit to avoid long delays

Michael Jones has a neat script for shrinking databases in small chunks to avoid having the server locked up for a long period. declare @sql varchar(8000) declare @name sysname declare @sizeMB int declare @UsedMB int declare @FreeMB int declare @ShrinkMB int — Desired free space in MB after shrink set @FreeMB = 1000 — Increment […]