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Site Update & Email Notifications

Well its been a busy couple of months and my blogging has fallen behind. Over the last couple of weeks, a number of small improvements have been made on my blog. Unused features have been removed, spam prevention has been improved, and I even remembered to post some new entries. I’m also going to trial […]

SQL Down Under Code Camp

Look out Wagga Wagga! October 7th and 8th will see SQL Server developers and dba’s of all levels gather for the first SQL Down Under Code Camp. If you’re looking for an opporunity to meet some of the best SQL developers from across Australia, this is it. This free event is being held at the […]

Return Codes, Exit Codes, and %errorlevel%

Gah! The one thing that always gets me with working with so many different programming langauges (C#, T-SQL, Perl, VB, DOS) is that they each tend to refer to the same thing with a slightly different name. (If you read Perl: same foo, different bar). Today when stepping out of T-SQL land and into DOS, […]

Getting Personal With Google

I don’t have an RSS Aggregate program. I don’t think I need one. There are just so many blogs that I pass over in a week, and most of them don’t update more than that (this one included at times). I’m also a bit of a devourer of information. New anything is interesting to read, […]

That warm fuzzy feeling

While I find my full-time job constantly challenging, its also like any job: limited to the current projects and development. This is not a downside, just a fact that what you do in your job will be limited by the scope of your work. Sure there’s daily study, and home projects, things you choose to […]