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What are some of the most interesting front-end techniques (CSS/JS) you’ve stumbled upon recently?

What are some of the most interesting front-end techniques (CSS/JS) you’ve stumbled upon recently — the ones that really blew your mind, or changed the way you work? – Smashing Magazine

Easiest How to: Install Munin on Ubuntu – the Quick and Simple Cheatsheet

INSTALL MUNIN NODE ON UBUNTU Make sure your system is up-to-date apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade Install Munin Node apt-get -y install munin munin-node munin-plugins-extra Edit the munin-node config file nano /etc/munin/munin-node.conf Restart Apache and Munin to start service apache2 restart service munin-node restart Auto-Suggest Munin Plug-ins to suit your machine munin-node-configure –suggest […]

SQL Server Engineering Team – New Website for Important SQL Server Info + Updates

A new home for the SQL Server engineering team to communicate important information about SQL Server with the community. We have migrated several SQL Server related blogs to this new home in the SQL Server TechCommunity. Click here for the new SQL Server Engineering Team blog. There’s also a list of links to some of their […]

VSCode Tip – Rename Multiple Attributes At The Same Time

Multiple cursors is one of my favorite features in VS Code. Just highlight what you want and hit cmd/ctrl + d to highlight all matching snippets. Then type away! I use this to add multiple classes, delete multiple elements, and edit attributes. — Emma Wedekind ✨ (@EmmaWedekind) March 27, 2019

Get free technical eBooks on SQL Server 2017 from Microsoft

Build your Microsoft SQL Server expertise with technical deep dives for your database journey. Free PDF eBooks from Microsoft SQL Server eBook series Get the technical resources and documentation you need to explore SQL Server 2017 – a comprehensive, mission-critical database for demanding workloads. With this series of technical eBooks on SQL Server, you’ll learn […]

Tonight: SQL Server User Group Sydney – The Roadmap for SQL Server

Sydney SQL Server User Group meets tonight from 5:30pm at Microsoft Reactor. Tonight’s Speaker: Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) More details here. Tonight will cover: With support for Linux and Containers SQL Server 2017 opened up a new world of possibilities for Microsoft. SQL Server 2019 will bring to market a new modern data […]

800+ Million Emails Leaked Online by Email Verification Service “”

From @haveibeenpwned on Twitter New breach: Email address validation service left 763M email addresses exposed in an open MongoDB instance, many of which also had accompanying gender, DOB and other personal attributes. 66% were already in @haveibeenpwned. Check your email address now at Read more details about the discovery of the breach on […]