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Permanently Redirecting Domain Pages with Geeklog

I have a number of domain names and previously blogged on how to make Geeklog work on all of them. I�ve decided now to concentrate on one domain name: There is already a number of links to my other domains, so I needed to configure Geeklog to redirect people to the new domain. I […]

Hey Geeklog! Where did my [ story: ] go?

After receiving so much comment/trackback spam recently, I decided to make some changes to my site. Asides from the unrelated and often very undesirable content of the spam, textual urls were being turned into hyperlinks by Geeklog. I’d already removed the tag from the list of permitted html (configurable through $_CONF[‘user_html’]). So I headed off […]

RSS Feed Autodiscovery & Pinging

If you’re using GeekLog you’re probably aware of the Content Syndication / RSS Feed feature. It will automatically output the stories from your site, or a topic, into a standard RSS XML file that can be polled for updates. With more and more blogs coming online, search engines like Google are starting to build specialised […]

No I don’t want every day of my life in Google!

Ah, the sweet romance of a developer and an over excited search engine. How I long for my bandwidth back! If you stopped by in the last three days you would have recieved a ‘bandwidth usage limit exceeded’ message from my ISP. If you were me you’d think that odd seeing as there are so […]

Multiple domain names, one geeklog

Geeklog (the software driving this site) requires you to set the home url in config.php. I use multiple domain names here: so I wanted to configure geeklog to allow visitors to use the website through each of these domans. Geeklogs default behaviour is to prefix the value of $_CONF[‘site_url’] from config.php to […]