Do you have an Adobe Business Catalyst website with a lot of customers you wish to Opt-In ?

You can request Business Catalyst to set the master opt-in on your site, so all existing customers are "opt-in" to your marketing emails. [Forum thread here]

Send a support ticket to Business Catalyst to have them turn on the master opt-in option for your website and ask them to opt-in your entire database at the same time.


What is double opt-in ?

When a customer signs up to a newletter list on your website, Business Catalyst automatically sends the auto-responder to the customer. The tag {tag_verificationurl} in the auto-responder email is replaced with a link the customer clicks to confirm they want to receive your newsletters. This is known as double opt-in.


What if the customer does not click the verification link?

If the customer does not click the link, they will not be receive your newsletters unless you force opt in for their account in the admin panel, or have used the bypass double opt-in feature in your webforms, or have the master opt-in turned on by BC support.


What if I’ve turned off the auto-responder for a form?

If you’ve disabled the auto-responder on your form, the verification link will not be sent to your customers. In this case you will need to either:

  • use the force opt-in feature on your webforms
  • or ask BC to opt-in all your customers
  • or opt-in your customers individually


Why does Business Catalyst use double opt-in?

Business Catalyst uses double opt-in to comply with anti-spam measures and legislation, but a lot of websites have a Newletter Signup form or similar where customers are expressly wanting to join in to your marketing list.

By default all newsletter forms are double opt-in and there are a few things you can do to skip this process.

How to: Force Opt-in on Newsletter Subscription Forms

To ensure your customers are going to receive your newsletters when they subscribe, you need to add the force opt-in parameter to your form.

  1. Edit your newsletter forms and add &OPTIN=true to the end of the form action ( <form action="…"  )

All new subscribers will then be opted-in as soon as they subscribe to a newsletter using this form.


Additional references

Wiki page on force opt-in



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