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Simon Sabin's SSIS Raw File Reader

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Integration Services 2005 / SSIS (DTS)

Ever used a Raw File destination in SSIS ? They're FAST! Writing rows from the pipeline to disk as quickly as possible. Raw Files are useful for increasing the throughput speed of a data flow task by using them in Extract / Transform procedures.

The reason they are so efficient is they stored the data in a big binary file. Try and read your data from these optimised files, and you'll have a lot of trouble figuring out whats what. Simon's saved us all the hassle!

Download his new tool and simply point it at your raw file. It will load the data so you can browse through it in a data grid. Much easier!

If you are having troubles selecting your files (I've been using the file extension .dtsxraw on mine)  just type *.* and hit enter in the open file box to see all the files in your folder.  Simon, that might be your first bug to fix!