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How To: Configure a For Loop Container

Integration Services 2005 / SSIS (DTS)
  1. Start in the package Control Flow, with no object selected (Press ESC in the main window).
  2. Right click the background in the package, and select Variables

  3. Add a variable called LoopIteration with the Int32 data type in the package.
  4. Add a For Loop Container to the package

  5. Edit the For Loop Container by double-clicking it, or right-clicking it and choosing Edit.
  6. Set the InitExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]=0
  7. Set the EvalExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]<5 where 5 would is the number of loops you want to run.
  8. Set the AssignExpression to @[User::LoopIteration]=@[User::LoopIteration]+1
  9. Your settings should now look like this: