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Google Reader

What I\'m Reading

I read a lot of blogs everyday. Not every article, but I like to at least skim the headlines and read the ones that really interest me. There's a lot of interesting things to be learnt by reading outside your immediate field of work too. Anyway, Its hard to check up on ~200 blogs every day, so I started using Google Reader which is a web based RSS reader. I've never really like the idea of installing yet another piece of software, so Google Reader is just perfect. And I can read from home or work, know what I've seen and what I've flagged for re-reading etc. Theres an excellent tutorial available here.

Google Reader even allows you to share your streams. So here is an Atom feed of the main stream feeds I read from everyday. Add it to your RSS reader and see if you get any additional benefit from it!

Update (12 Oct 2006) - Google have added a page similar to FeedBurner where you can view same feeds I read daily as a webpage. They've also added a page of blog entries I'd highly recommend reading.