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Suppressing Warnings in Data Dude

VSTS for Database Professionals

I've been working on migrating existing SQL Server database projects into Visual Studio for Database Professional projects. Most of the existing databases have imported without major problems, but there are a few that have warnings about cross-database joins in old unit tests.

TSD3025: The following cross-database dependencies could not be verified: ... Your database application might fail at runtime when ... is executed.

If you are tired of being warned about a known issue, Data Dude allows you to suppress warnings, in the database project's build properties (Project -> Properties -> Build tab -> Suppress Warnings).

Simply put the warning numbers you want to ignore in there (without "TSD" at the front) and save. Separate numbers with a semi colon (" ; ").

For a complete list of the errors in Data Dude, see Gert's page.