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Tip: Use Named Parameters with Stored Procedures when Unit Testing (VSTS Database Professionals)

I’ve been migrating unit tests to a new Visual Studio Database Professionals project. So far there’s been no problems (other than trying to find a naming standard). This problem had me scratching my head for a few minutes today. I defined a unit test for a stored procedure as: DECLARE @ItemCode varchar(32), @PriceLevel varchar(32) SELECT […]

Wait Data Professionals! Don’t Test Your Database!

Michael Hunter (a.k.a The Braidy Tester) has posted another useful article posing the question: "Do you even need to test your product?" After covering [story:vstsdbpro-five-point-testing] its interesting to see some expanded ideas on why you might choose not to test an application. Some of these things are obvious. But with an over-eager developer/tester on the […]