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Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals CTP6 Released

Today marks the release of CTP6 of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. I’m pretty excited to see the development of this Visual Studio product. Finally database developers will be able to work like other programmers. Extreme Programming methods will be useful. Through Visual Studio projects and source control more developers will be able […]

Free SQL Scripts for Managing and Monitoring SQL Server 2005

I came across these scripts on the Microsoft TechNet Script Centre Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Buffer Cache Retrieve Buffer Counts by Object and Index CPU and Optimization Determine CPU Resources Required for Optimization Retrieve Parallel Statements With the Highest Worker Time Retrieve Statements with the Highest Plan Re-Use Counts Retrieve Statements with the Lowest Plan […]

Itzik Ben-Gan appearing at Sydney SQL Server Users Group – Tue 10th Oct 2006

Itzik Ben-Gan the T-SQL set based solution guru from Solid Quality Learning will be appearing at the Sydney SQL Server Users group on Tuesday 10th Oct 2006. Itzik will be discussing Internals and Externals of Table Scans and the access methods SQL Server uses to perform these and other scans. The Sydney SQL Server Users […]