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Inside DBCC CHECKDB… How does it work?

Paul Randal has been writing an excellent series on how DBCC CHECKDB works within SQL Server. Explaining how SQL Server 2000 and 2005 present a consistent view of the data for checking and why that is important. Paul moves onto what CHECKDB really does and then [story:sqlserver2005-dbcc-for-vldb]. Paul Randal worked as the Lead Developer / […]

Find a SQL Server 2005 MVP

Need an MVP? Or just want to verify someone’s status? Microsoft’s MVP Awardees search can help you out. Here’s the current list of SQL Server MVPs in Australia and the worldwide list. Not all MVPs are on there, quite a few choose to hide from the limelight. Not on there yet? (Me either). Become visible […]

Free SQL Scripts for Managing and Monitoring SQL Server 2005

I came across these scripts on the Microsoft TechNet Script Centre Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Buffer Cache Retrieve Buffer Counts by Object and Index CPU and Optimization Determine CPU Resources Required for Optimization Retrieve Parallel Statements With the Highest Worker Time Retrieve Statements with the Highest Plan Re-Use Counts Retrieve Statements with the Lowest Plan […]

How Common Are SQL Injection Vulnerabilities?

Michael Sutton has run a test to see how many websites have SQL injection issues and finds that 11% of the websites he tests are potentially vulnerable. The article is well written in that he discusses the methods used to select urls for testing, the change he uses to attempt a non-destructive SQL injection, and […]