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Enable Remote Errors in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005

Enabling remote errors in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (SSRS) By default, reporting services returns the following error message when a report produces an error: An error has occurred during report processing. Cannot create a connection to data source ‘AdventureWorks’. For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server […]

Optimising SQL Server 2005 TempDB

Microsoft’s whitepaper on Optimising TempDB in SQL Server 2005 contains a lot of useful information for anyone trying to push the performance of SQL Server 2005. Along with the internal improvements to tempdb, there are a number of things a database administrator should do as part of any installation: Increase the number of data files […]

Error: SQL Server Replication Requires The Actual Server Name

If while trying to setup a new subscription for SQL Server 2005 Replication using Management Studio you receive this error: TITLE: New Subscription Wizard —————————— Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is unable to access replication components because replication is not installed on this instance of SQL Server. For information about installing replication, see the topic […]

How to fix @@SERVERNAME in SQL Server 2005

It seems to happen from time to time: your network engineers decide on a new network topology or naming scheme and they want to rename one or more of your SQL Server machines or worse your desktop machine! Renaming a SQL Server instance is not as simple as renaming the computer in My Computer Properties. […]

SQL Server 2005 Bulk Load 1TB in under an hour

Going through my reading material today, I came across this post by the Microsoft SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team on using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition to load 1TB (yes terabyte) in less than an hour. Mind you they did have an a HP Itanium2 Superdome with 64 CPUs, 256GB RAM and a SAN […]

SQL Server 2005 Database Diagram Compatibility Requirements

SQL Server 2005 Database Diagram Compatibility Requirements

While producing a report for another team today, I wanted to build a database diagram to see the relationships in the source database. As I was working with a local copy of the database I decided to build a Database Diagram with Management Studio, but I received this error: Database diagram support objects cannot be […]

SQL Server 2005 List all IDENTITY columns

Here is a simple bit of T-SQL that will display the names of all the IDENTITY columns in a database: SELECT SCHEMA_NAME( OBJECTPROPERTY( OBJECT_ID, ‘SCHEMAID’ )) AS SCHEMA_NAME,      nbsp; OBJECT_NAME( OBJECT_ID ) AS TABLE_NAME,       NAME AS COLUMN_NAME FROM  SYS.COLUMNS WHERE COLUMNPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID, NAME, ‘IsIdentity’) = 1