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Getting Personal With Google

I don’t have an RSS Aggregate program. I don’t think I need one. There are just so many blogs that I pass over in a week, and most of them don’t update more than that (this one included at times). I’m also a bit of a devourer of information. New anything is interesting to read, […]

RSS Feed Autodiscovery & Pinging

If you’re using GeekLog you’re probably aware of the Content Syndication / RSS Feed feature. It will automatically output the stories from your site, or a topic, into a standard RSS XML file that can be polled for updates. With more and more blogs coming online, search engines like Google are starting to build specialised […]

When MONEY is not enough

SQL Server’s MONEY data type is where you should be looking first if you are storing something like prices and order totals. But what about pesky GST and VAT values? These sometimes need to extend out to 6, 8 or even more decimal places in order to calculate the correct tax inclusive price. Along comes […]

SQL Server 2005 September CTP Released

SQL Server 2005 September Community Technology Preview (CTP) has been released today by Microsoft and is available for download now. The September CTP will be the last CTP/Beta before Microsoft releases the RTM/Gold version in November. Its available in the same five flavours as before: Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, Express, and Developer. Microsoft have said that […]

That warm fuzzy feeling

While I find my full-time job constantly challenging, its also like any job: limited to the current projects and development. This is not a downside, just a fact that what you do in your job will be limited by the scope of your work. Sure there’s daily study, and home projects, things you choose to […]