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Joseph Sack’s Article: Seven SHOWPLAN Red Flags

Joseph Sack over at SQL Server Centralhas written a short article on query optimisation using Query Analyzer’s graphical Show Plan. Certainly an under used resource, show plan can actually give you insight to how SQL Server intends to / did run your query, and where high i/o or cpu taxing tasks are undertaken. Joseph’s article […]

SQL Server 2005 Database Snapshots

This is a really neat addition to SQL Server 2005. Database Snapshots are essentially a read-only, static view of an existing database, without duplicating all the data on disk. I use this feature a lot when I upgrade database schemas, or make major changes to data, and need to be able to compare the changes […]

Q&A: Can you BCP out a #Temporary table?

Q: If I create a temporary table with: SELECT OrderID,OrderDate,Total INTO #TempOrders FROM Invoices Can I then BCP the data into a file with ?: … SET @cmd = ‘bcp “#TempOrders” out “C:TempOrders.txt” -T EXEC xp_cmdshell ‘bcp ‘ + A: No. Because BCP will create a new connection, it will not be able to see […]