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11 things I wish I could tell myself as a Junior Software Developer – Michael’s Coding Spot

I’d like to tell my junior self that in 10 years, there wasn’t a single bug I didn’t eventually solve one way or the other. Even bugs that seem extremely scary, are eventually conquered. — Read on

Hadoop for .Net Developers

Just found a couple of great articles that lead you through the basics of using Hadoop in .Net. Understanding Hadoop Understanding Hadoop File System (HDFS) Programatically Loading Data into Hadoop File System (HDFS) Manually loading data into Hadoop File System (HDFS) Setting up a Hadoop development environment   Here’s a full list of the articles […]

Microsoft revokes trust in 28 of is own security certificates. Remember to run Windows Update today!

Microsoft has revoked 28 of its security certificates via Windows Update today as part of their security advisory 278973. The certificates have been revoked following the Flame malware attack that involved the use of fraudulent Microsoft digital certificates to by pass some security measures in windows to install the malware. This patch should be available […]