Sydney SQL Server Users Group - Mon 6th Nov 2006

SQL Server User Group

SQL Server (Sydney) Users Group meeting has been moved to Monday 6th November 2006 when Richard Lees will present "OLAP, what is it good for?"

Richard will show the insides (and outsides) of an OLAP cube created to assist in monitoring and managing a 6 node Oracle RAC database that sustains 600 transactions per second from 30,000 online users. Richard will go through the early prototypes, development cycle and design considerations for the cube, which has 12 measure groups, dozens of measures, and dozens of hierarchies. The demonstration will also look into the transformation package that incrementally loads the cube, Excel access and the RS reports available to the masses. This cube is an effective demonstration of the value in having complex data in a cube. All the data in the cube is available to guru DBAs from base tables. But without the cube, getting this information is time consuming and error prone.

Richard Lees is a well known Microsoft expert in the large database and business intelligence fields. He is the author of ThinSlicer, the first publicly available thin client cube browser, which is used by companies around the world.

SQL Server Users Group (Sydney) Meeting

Monday 6th Nov 2006
Mechanics' School of Arts
Level 1, 280 Pitt St Sydney
Start: 6.00pm untill 8.00pm

Please register for the event. Drinks and food are provided from 5:30pm.

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